Why Out-Sourcing Marine Warranty Claims Makes Sense

  • Manufacturers are working hard to lower corporate warranty expense. If you have in house staff, once hired they expect regular reviews with the hopes of regular pay increases. So you have decreasing warranty revenue with increasing salaries as time continues..
  • If you have 5 dealerships in your group, there could be 5 to 7 people handling claims, with 5 to 7 salaries, matching FICA and Medicare expenses. There would be 5 to 7 vacations, benefit packages, and turnover/training expenses.
  • MarineLab charges on a percentage fee basis. If warranty receivables go down over time, our net billings also decrease. If you have in house staff your expenses remain constant.
  • We employ a proactive approach in addressing variations in manufacturers policies and procedures before it has the opportunity to grow into an audit situation with the manufacturer.
  • Each claim is pre-audited for compliance with manufacturers’ policies and procedures to ensure that you keep the money you claim.
  • Access to a full team of experts to address any warranty needs or questions.

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MarineLab Services

  • Claims Processing and Administration
  • All Marine Power OEM’s and Extended Warranty providers
  • Real-time support for Dealership staff
  • Pre Authorization Assistance

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Benefits MarineLab Provides Our Clients

  • Lower claim submission days
  • Raise first time claim acceptance rate
  • We require no benefits
  • We require no work space
  • We don’t get paid unless you get paid

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