Why Outsourcing Marine Warranty Claims Makes Sense

  • Manufacturers are working hard to lower corporate warranty expenses. If you have in-house staff, once hired, they expect regular reviews with the hopes of regular pay increases. So you have decreasing warranty revenue with increasing salaries as time continues.
  • If you have 5 dealerships in your group, there could be 5 to 7 people handling claims, with 5 to 7 salaries, matching FICA and Medicare expenses. There would be 5 to 7 vacations, benefit packages, and turnover/training expenses.
  • MarineLab charges on a percentage fee basis. If warranty receivables go down over time, our net billings also decrease. If you have in-house staff, your expenses remain constant.
  • We employ a proactive approach in addressing variations in manufacturers policies and procedures before it has the opportunity to grow into an audit situation with the manufacturer.
  • Each claim is pre-audited for compliance with manufacturers’ policies and procedures to ensure that you keep the money you claim.
  • Access to a full team of experts to address any warranty needs or questions.

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MarineLab Services

  • Claims Processing and Administration
  • All Marine Power OEMs and Extended Warranty providers
  • Real-Time Support for Dealership Staff
  • Pre-Authorization Assistance

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Benefits MarineLab Provides Our Clients

  • Lower claim submission days
  • Raise first time claim acceptance rate
  • We require no benefits
  • We require no workspace
  • We don’t get paid unless you get paid

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