Marine Warranty Claims Processing Services

Are you missing out on thousands of dollars from your marine manufacturers warranty reimbursement?

Warranty administration is an important part of your business and will impact your bottom line. Marine warranty can be complex and difficult to manage. Just think of all the potential manufacturers involved in a single sale – the boat, motor, trailer and countless other components that need to be submitted within the manufacturer’s requirements. This alone could be a full time job.

If you are looking for a warranty claims management company that prides itself on industry knowledge and warranty processing – you found it!

MarineLab can outperform in-house warranty administrators with our extensive knowledge, training, experience, exposure and internal systems. It is our business to keep up with the ever-changing manufacturer requirements’ allowing us to collect what is normally left on the table.

MarineLab will send every claim to the appropriate manufacturer and get you paid.

The benefits of having MarineLab manage your dealership’s warranty parts program:

  • Fast, accurate submission of warranty claims by dialing into your dealer information system from our location.
  • Maximize the return on each warranty claim.
  • Track all claims from date received until it is paid by manufacturer. For aging claims we will contact the manufacturer to get an explanation.
  • Each claim is pre-audited for compliance with manufacturers’ policies and procedures to ensure that you receive the maximum amount of money for your claim. Our belief is all warranties should be paid by the manufacturer.
  • All rejected claims are immediately reviewed and we will contact the manufacturer and/or dealer to get them turned into approved claims.
  • Watch for discrepancies in payment and contact the manufacturer or dealer and find a resolution for the discrepancies.
  • Reduce or eliminate the dealer’s time spent dealing with warranty issues.
  • MarineLab will submit pre-authorizations to manufacturer so you are not working on a big job not knowing how much you will be getting paid.
  • Access to a full team of expert’s to address any and all warranty needs.
  • We will notify dealer of violations of policy and procedures to help the dealer avoid an audit.
  • We will notify dealer about warranty parts that need to be returned to the manufacturer and direct and/or assist in returning the part.

Contact a MarineLab Warranty Parts Consultant for a no obligation assessment of your warranty reimbursement program and start getting more money today.